The US Census Bureau released its July 1, 2016 population estimates. According to the Census, on this date the estimated population of the United States was 323,127,513, a gain of 14.3 million people since 2010.

US Population Change 2010-16

The map below shows rates of population change for counties across the United States, highlighting the fastest growing and declining populations. Move your cursor over a county to see details.

Oklahoma Population Change 2010-16

The map below zooms in on counties in Oklahoma. Oklahoma’s population was estimated at 3,923,561, an overall gain of 172,000 people since 2010.

Oklahoma Metropolitan Areas

The Oklahoma City and Tulsa metropolitan areas continued to grow in 2016. The Lawton metropolitan area (Comanche County) declined slightly. Canadian County in the Oklahoma City area continues to be the fastest growing county, with a growth rate of 18.2%.


Oklahoma City Metro

2016: 1,373,211

2010: 1,252,991



Tulsa Metro

2016: 987,201

2010: 937,531



Lawton Metro

2016: 128,077

2010: 130,291


Fastest-Growing Oklahoma Micropolitan Areas

The counties containing Durant, Woodward, and Stillwater were the three fastest-growing places outside of the Oklahoma City and Tulsa areas. Other notable growth areas include Shawnee, Tahlequah, Woodward, and Enid.


Durant (Bryan County)

2016: 45,573

2010: 42,416



Weatherford (Custer County)

2016: 29,293

2010: 27,469



Stillwater (Payne County)

2016: 81,131

2010: 77,350


Rate of Population Change 2015-16

If you isolate just the last year of estimated population change, from 2015-2016, there are several areas that stand out with major changes in patterns. Below this national map, check out the comparisons of growth so far this decade versus growth in 2015-16 in selected regions. These three examples from North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Texas reflect a reversal or slowdown of booming populations in shale drilling regions.

North Dakota Williston Basin 2010-16

North Dakota Williston Basin 2015-16

Western Oklahoma Anadarko Basin 2010-16

Western Oklahoma Anadarko Basin 2015-16

West Texas Permian Basin 2010-16

West Texas Permian Basin 2015-16