Camelot @ 50!

IQC Workshop students made suburban retrofit recommendations for a mid-century suburban neighborhood and shopping mall in northwest Oklahoma City.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma | Spring 2015
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A team of IQC students led by Ron Frantz and Hope Mander looked at Camelot, a neighborhood that is turning 50 years old in 2015. The team considered how the neighborhood can continue to provide a quality living experience as it enters its second half-century of existence. The project also included a Placemaking Residency visit from urban experts Chuck Marohn and Tripp Muldrow.

Recommendations for Camelot are based on ideas of suburban retrofitting:

  • Creating pedestrian access to a neighborhood shopping mall
  • Activating a neighborhood public space in a spacious cul-de-sac

There are hundreds of suburban neighborhoods in the Oklahoma City area that are aging or actually becoming “historic” as they turn 50 years old. Covenants expire, house maintenance issues appear, demographics change, and “newer, fancier” houses continue to sprout up further out from Oklahoma City’s core. This project serves as an example of how residents can address similar issues in their neighborhoods.